Communion The blood of Christ represented by the wine, the body of Christ represented by the bread.   The Trinity The Trinity circles indicate the doctrine of equality, unity and coeternal nature of the three persons of the Trinity; The Father, Son and Holy Spirity.
Baptism Escallop shell with drops of water, a symbol of baptism.   Flame A symbol for Penticost and the Holy Spirit.  We've done the flames to also represent the symbol of the dove.
Dove Symbol for the Holy Spirit.   Fish A secret sign used by early persecuted Christians to designate themselves as believers in Jesus.
Butterfly The symbol for resurrection and eternal life.  As the butterfly leaves the pupa and soars upward with a new body, so are His followers born to a new life.   The hand of God The hand symbolizes the hand of God, the Ceator.
Martin Luther's seal A black cross at the center indicative of Christ's dreadful sacrifice.  The red heart is on a white rose because white is the color of angels and blessed spirits.  The white rose is against a blue sky background to symbolize Christian's hope for the coming joys of heaven.  The seal is enclosed in a gold ring showing that the bliss of heaven is unending.   IHS IHS are the first three letters (iota, eta, sigma) of the Greek spelling of Jesus.
Star A symbol for the Star of Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus.   Lilly Symbol for Easter and immortality.  The bulb decays in the ground, yet from it new life is released.
Rainbow and Noah's Ark The rainbow is used as a symbol of the faithfulness of God.  After the flood, God chose the rainbow to be the symbol of His merciful promise that never again would he destroy the earth by flood.   Link to Salvation window Link to Salvation window

We made these windows for Babbitt, Minnesota Evangelical Lutheran Church.  They were installed in June, 2003.


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